Tradition & atmosphere

Infos Tradition & atmosphere

"Cheers!" on the Asitz. The lofty heights of beer culture.

New peaks of enjoyment at Europe's highest brewing museum

Original brewhouse food and excellent beer - it all tastes even better when you're surrounded by countless mountain peaks. Way up at 1760 metres, the AsitzBräu has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. In winter it's a really unusual ski hut. In autumn it's a popular place for hikers and bikers to take a break. The museum-restaurant on the Asitz: it's entirely unique.

Concerts, parties & events

Get away from it all. Get up to the mountains.

Europe's highest brewing museum is a wonderful place with amazing views, fascinating exhibits and numerous events of all kinds. In winter there's après-ski every day, the Asitz Music Night with live music, the spectacular Fire&Ice Show and the musical highlight, "SOUND tracks meet SKI tracks", in a magnificent snow-covered setting. In summer, the AsitzBräu is the venue for the "SOUND tracks" concert series on the Asitz and the Altholz festival, presenting the best of House Grooves. In autumn, it also hosts the annual AsitzBräu Oktoberfest, a beer spectacular that evokes the spirit of Munich at 1760 m above sea level. 
This place has a very long history. The Asitzhütte mountain inn was popular as far back as the 1930s. In the 1950s and 60s, Sepp Altenberger senior used to run professional skiing courses here. Then in September 2010, the Altenberger brothers acquired the mountain hut. It was converted in record time and opened in December 2011 as Europe's highest museum of brewing. The museum-restaurant clearly bears the signature of Sepp Altenberger jun. At the AsitzBräu, the passionate discoverer and collector of artefacts from olden times has concentrated on historic brewhouse exhibits such as the malting equipment from Lauingen. A malt polishing machine, malt scales, lauter tun, brewing vats - the impressive equipment dates from 1910 and is displayed at the AsitzBräu as a magnificent museum exhibit on 3 levels. Granite floors, tables made of holm oak that was once used for the foundations of wooden houses, panelling from local churches – old materials have been lovingly restored here and now have a stunning new look. 

AsitzBräu im Sommer
AsitzBräu Terrasse
Infos Tradition & atmosphere

Tables laid and glasses filled

The great place for a rest at the top with brewhouse food and fine beer

What is it they say? Even water is fit for connoisseurs if you mix it with malt and hops. Well, our carefully made AsitzBräu beer is certainly fit for connoisseurs. Amber-coloured and refreshing, full-flavoured and mellow. This tasty barley nectar is brewed exclusively for us by the oldest steam brewery in East Tirol, to a special AsitzBräu recipe. Brewed in style, and you can taste it in every mouthful. To go with it, original brewhouse food: roasted chicken, pork hock and sausage specialities and delicious treats from the beechwood grill. All fresh and homemade, naturally!


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